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The VISION System developed by Teledyne Controls Simulation is the market leading 3D-Flight-Animation tool. The swiss49ers produce ready-to-replay videos for YOU to use it for pilots debriefings, occurrence analysis, pilots training examples and management presentation add-ons.

The sophisticated VISION cockpit instruments allow YOU to analyse all the recorded flight parameters in uncompromising detail.

For high-quality terrain and scenario animations the swiss49er provide you with movies derived from the leading flight simulation software: X-Plane.

We care to choose the best combination of movie sequences for your animation request using the various tools on the market. YOU choose individual service modules to keep costs low for your company and pay per animation.

Its superior architecture makes VISION the only animator on the market which is able to replay a critical landing touchdown situation in such high quality that professional airliner pilots can learn more about what happend.
Marcel AMHERD, swiss49er

The FOQA modules (eng)
FOQA Module (ger)
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