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The swiss49ers team consists of professional and highly qualified computer science people. The individuals are close to business by holding active Airline Transport Pilots Licenses ATPL or having long term experience in airline flight operations including long haul flight services. Being active and responsible for Flight Data Monitoring at a major European flag carrier over 10 years expertise is accumulated in the swiss49ers team and ready to work together with YOU!

Why swiss49?

In 1849 the gold-rush took place in the Wild-West region around San Francisco The swiss49er individuals are the gold diggers of today… We find the gold nuggets and the essence in huge flight data heaps. We provide customers with smart knowledge about their data and operational characteristics. Enabling management taking clever decisions which match the problem is a crucial advantage in the market today. By knowing where and how to find the gold veins efficiently and reliable we offer added value for companies in the aviation industry.

By selecting the best computer tools on the market the swiss49ers create and operate Flight Data Monitoring infrastructures for customers. By combing YOUR expertise and the swiss49ers knowledge our service significantly adds more value for YOU since we provide you with results and findings rather than only selling a tool. YOU safe manpower and can nevertheless benefit from a wide-range Return-On-Invest of YOUR flight data.

Swiss49 ag is an incorporated founded under swiss law. Shares are 100% under ownership of its employees.

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