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Flight Data Monitoring forFlight Operations

swiss49 enables you to understand the performance of your flight operations.

Getting key figures and insights about your fleet's performance puts the key into your hands to take informed decisions.

As a flight operations efficiency expert of your airline you are interested in having facts and figures to steer and optimise your company’s operation. By processing and analysing your operational data the swiss49 team provides you with findings for your decision making process.

You benefit from the combined IT and flight operational knowldge of the swiss49er which synchronise and processes the availabele flight data parameters for your topics of interst.

You choose the project size, flights and fleet types to be watched to keep your operation efficient.

Get Insight through fuel and performance analysis

swiss49 unlocks insight to your data to understand potential for improvement!

Monitoring fuel efficiency supports to see the precise picture related to fuel usage engine condition in your operation.

Fuel Savings: FDM allows for the detailed analysis of fuel-related parameters such as fuel burn rate, fuel flow, and fuel efficiency. By monitoring and analyzing this data, you can identify areas of potential fuel savings. This can lead to optimized flight operations, reduced fuel consumption, and significant cost savings over time.

Performance Optimization: FDM enables the evaluation of aircraft performance parameters that impact fuel efficiency, such as airspeed, altitude, and engine settings. By analyzing these parameters in conjunction with fuel-related data, operators can identify opportunities to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. Adjustments to flight profiles, route planning, and operational procedures can be made to achieve better fuel efficiency.
Anomaly Detection: FDM helps in identifying anomalies and deviations in fuel-related parameters. Sudden changes in fuel burn rate or unexpected fuel consumption patterns can indicate potential issues or inefficiencies. Detecting such anomalies early on allows operators to investigate and address the underlying causes, thereby minimizing fuel wastage and optimizing fuel usage.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

FDM facilitates benchmarking fuel-related metrics against industry standards, fleet averages, or specific benchmarks. By comparing fuel consumption and efficiency with established benchmarks, operators can assess their performance relative to industry best practices. This provides valuable insights for identifying areas of improvement and implementing strategies to achieve fuel efficiency goals.

Operational Decision-Making

FDM data analysis provides operators with actionable information to support decision- making. By having access to accurate and timely fuel-related data, operators can make informed decisions regarding flight planning, route selection, operational procedures, and aircraft configurations. This enables them to optimize fuel consumption while ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Continuous Improvement

By regularly monitoring and analyzing fuel-related data, you can track their performance over time, identify trends, and implement targeted initiatives to enhance fuel efficiency. This iterative process of monitoring, analyzing, and implementing improvements fosters ongoing efficiency gains and cost reduction.

Significant benefits with fuel analysis

Overall, flight data monitoring for fuel analysis offers significant benefits, including fuel savings, performance optimization, anomaly detection, benchmarking, informed decision-making, and continuous improvement. By leveraging FDM insights, operators can enhance fuel efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to environmentally sustainable aviation practices.

A tailored fuel monitoring program enables your operation to apply a fuel scheme with variation.

for the application of the 3% contingency fuel setting.

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