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Flight Data Research

find evidence and answers in analysing operational flight data

As a research expert you can find evidence and answers in analysing operational flight data of daily airliner flights. you define the scope of interest (e.g. trajectory data, noise, emissions, weather, etc) and swiss49ers provides you with selected flight data out of a huge storage pool of flight data. We process he data according to a mutual evolved specification and deliver you results for validating your thesis and models.

We deliver findings which can be compared right away with core figures from your field of activity. Swiss49ers can provide even raw flight data if required. Swiss49ers supports you with a strong and flexible data mining development process. you receive intermediate results very quickly in order to cross- check and optimise the data and processing specification on the run.

You benefit from swiss49ers flight ops experts who can synchronise and combine the available flight data parameters with your topics of interest. you choose the project size, flights and fleet types so your results will precisely focus on your questions to keep costs optimised.

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