Providing the most comprehensive smartFDM service in the industry.

We provide smart flight data monitoring solutions.

swiss49 – providing the most comprehensive smartFDM service in the industry.

Use Cases

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Helping Airlines all over the world to get the most out of their flight data

Swiss49 – providing the most comprehensive smartFDM service in the industry

The swiss49ers team consists of professional and highly qualified computer science people. The individuals are close to business by holding active Airline Transport Pilots Licenses ATPL or having long term experience in airline flight operations including long haul flight services. Being active and responsible for Flight Data Monitoring at a major European flag carrier over 10 years expertise is accumulated in the swiss49ers team and ready to work together with YOU!


swiss49 has a been working with its partners over the past years – providing a stable and solid service 24/7/365.

Bombardier Business Aircraft

swiss49 is licensed preferred service provider for Bombardier Aircraft and eligible to use FRCS data for customer services.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault selects swiss49 as selected partner for Flight Data Monitoring Services for all Falcon Jets.

Flight Data Core

FDC flight data core – providing a smart data decoding and processing powerhouse required to run the smartfdm service. Managing the server-farm infrastructure where flight data is decoded, stored, processed and analysed.



the Cesium Platform provides a customizable 3D world which is perfect for our 3D animation package.


the mapping tools provided by mapbox provide everything we need to set flight data into perspective.

Qlik Sense & nPrinting

qlik sense and nPrinting provide the backbone of the smartFDM reporting and data-mining capabilities. Fully automated – straight forward.

Google Earth

The best animated picture of the earth can be combined with flight and showing events in space.

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