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What is flight data monitoring?

Flight Data Monitoring FDM is the process of collecting flight data from aircraft, process it on a computer system and discover events and findings related to safety relevant topics. Analysis of the generated data-output is performed and presented is a user friendly way by means of reports, statistics, 3D animations.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is flight data monitoring?

Flight data monitoring involves the systematic analysis of flight data to enhance safety and operational efficiency. It helps identify trends, anomalies, and areas for improvement in aviation operations.

2. How does your web-based service work?

After the customer uploads flight data to the smartFDM data collection servers, data will be analyzed according to the customer-specific profile.

smartfdm collects and analyzes additional data from various sources such a
weather, limitations, flight planning data etc. providing insights into aircraft performance, operational metrics, and safety parameters. Users can access all the information through the user-friendly web portal.

3. What type of flight data do you monitor?

We monitor a wide range of flight data, including but not limited to aircraft trajectory, configuration, altitude, speed, fuel consumption, engine performance, and other critical parameters. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive view of safety, aircraft operations.

4. How can flight data monitoring improve safety?

By analyzing flight data, potential safety risks and deviations from standard operating procedures can be identified. This allows for proactive measures to enhance safety protocols, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

5. Is the flight data monitoring service compliant with aviation regulations?

Yes, our service is designed to comply with relevant aviation regulations and standards. We prioritize data security, privacy, and adherence to industry guidelines to ensure a reliable and compliant service.

6. Can I integrate your service with my existing aviation systems?

Absolutely. Our service is designed to be flexible and can be integrated with various aviation systems. We provide documentation and support to facilitate seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

7. How often is the flight data updated?

Flight data is updated according to the airlines data-upload schedule, providing users with the most current information as needed. Data processing starts immediately after the rwa data has been collected. This allows for quick analysis and decision-making based on the latest operational data.

8. What benefits does flight data monitoring offer to aviation organizations?

Flight data monitoring offers several benefits, including improved safety, enhanced operational efficiency, fuel savings, and better overall fleet management. It enables data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

9. How secure is the flight data stored on your platform?

We prioritize the security of flight data. Our platform employs robust encryption protocols, access controls, and other security measures to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

10. How can I get started with your flight data monitoring service?

To get started, simply sign up on our website and provide the fleet specific numbers. You will get a quick response with a customized quote for your desired service level. Our team is also available to assist you with any questions or support you may need during the setup.

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