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Flight Data Monitoring forMaintenance

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Getting key figures and insights about your fleet's performance puts the key into your hands to take informed decisions.

Aircraft maintenance is considered one of the core elements when it comes to the safe and efficient operation of aircraft. Modern aircraft collect a vast amount of data which can be used to support analysis and descisions in maintenance shops.

Flight data allows for real-time or post-flight trend analysis and performance monitoring of critical parameters such as engine performance, vibration levels, temperatures, pressures etc. in various aircraft systems and components. Evaluation and identification of deviations from normal operating conditions helps to detect early signs of component degradation, in order ot take appropriate maintenance actions.

By tracking performance metrics over time, maintenance personnel can evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance actions, assess the impact of modifications or repairs, and identify areas for further improvement.

swiss49 has expertise in data provisioning in the following fields:

  • engine trend monitoring (EGT margin, stable frame detection, N1 and vibration monitoring)
  • brake temperature monitoring and analysis
  • Monitoring Aircraft Limitations such as accelerations (hard landing), Flap and Slat Overspeed
  • APU monitoring

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