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SmartFDM Flight Data Monitoring Service

Collecting, Processing and Analysing Flight Data

FLIGHT DATA MONITORING fdm is the process of collecting flight data from aircraft, process it on a computer system related to Flight Safety events and doing analysis of the generated results. We offer an A-Z solution: setup, definition, integration, operation and support service selected by your needs.
You benefit from our flight operations expertise. We help you make the best use of your equipment by using our flight data monitoring throughout your organisation for Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). Automated Risk Index calculation for Safety Managements Systems SMS is part of the standard reports.

The swiss49 smartFDM service consists of an automated data-cycle:

Several Datasources are used to provide a comprehensive service

In order to run the smartFDM flight data monitoring service, the following elements are being set up and configured for each customer/fleet:

Data warehouse configuration tasks

  • Configuration Flight Data Warehouse (FDW)
  • Datawarehouse: Setup and Initialisation, Fleet definition, aircraft specific LFL-Parameters (Logical Frame Layout), Flight Parameters and Fleet Constants
  • Flight Analysis Program and Event calibration
  • Creation of Flight Analysis Programs with Flight Safety Events to generate flight trigger lists.
  • Configuration of reports per fleet type (Event-Reports)
  • Definition of Airline specific Flight Safety report.

smartFDM service continuous operational tasks

  • System operation and Data storage
  • 24h system operation and storage of flight data for at least 3 years. Storage of processing results (flight events) for at least 5 years. Software updates for Flight Data Monitoring system.
  • Flight Data / Event Verification
  • Processing of FDM Event Set
  • Generation of smartFDM Flight Event Reports and FDM SMS/SPI Monthly Reports
  • smartFDM 3D Flight Animation online on request
  • Data delivery / Special investigation / Customized statistics on request

smartFDM SMS integration Module

  • generation of FDM Safety Performance Indicators SPI’s
  • ICAO SMS Risk grading per flight
  • SMS Air Safety Risk Index per month

smartFDM service continuous operational tasks

  • Flight Classification (based on operators Flight number scheme)
  • Customized Event set
  • Event Tabular table
  • Flight Data Event validation
  • Highlights Flight identification
  • Recovery rate analysis
  • Quarterly-Yearly FDM Report (with Management Summary)
  • Yearly Benchmarking report
  • Benchmarking Conclusions and Recommendations

Risk analysis


In order to support you as a flight safety manager, the swiss49 team offers a “Flight Data Monitoring Training Course”. Training may be standard or customized to your specific needs.

Computerised replay of special products like Google Earth scenarios and 3D-Visualisations for interpretation and understanding with own in-house computer systems. Training location is Zurich-Airport or online via internet.

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