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Flight Data Monitoring forFlight Data Research

swiss49 enables you to understand the performance of your flight operations.

As a research expert you can find evidence and answers in analysing operational flight data of daily airliner flights.

The scope of interest (e.g. trajectory data, noise, emissions, weather, etc) may be defined specific to the requirements of your project. swiss49 provides selected flight data out of a huge storage pool of flight data. We process the data according to a mutual evolved specification and deliver results for validating your thesis and models.

Research projects that use flight data sources involve utilizing data collected from aircraft systems, such as Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) or Quick Access Recorders (QARS), to investigate and explore various aviation- related topics.

Aircraft Systems Analysis

Aircraft Systems Analysis

Flight data sources allow for in-depth analysis of aircraft systems performance, including engines, avionics, and other critical components. The swiss49 team can investigate system behavior, evaluate performance trends, detect anomalies, and identify opportunities for system optimization or enhancement.

Air Traffic Management Studies

Air Traffic Management Studies

Flight data sources can be utilized to study air traffic management systems, airspace utilization, and traffic flow optimization. Researchers analyze flight data to identify congestion patterns, assess airspace efficiency, evaluate routing options, and propose strategies for improving air traffic management.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Flight data is used in projects focused on assessing the environmental impact of aviation. Researchers analyze flight parameters, fuel consumption, and emissions data to quantify and understand the environmental footprint of aircraft operations. The research aims to identify measures for reducing aviation’s impact on noise air quality.

Technology and System Development

Technology and System Development

flight data sources are used to provide data for developing and testing new aviation technologies and systems. Researchers can use flight data to evaluate the performance of new aircraft designs, avionics systems, or flight control technologies, supporting innovation and advancements in the field.

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